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Welcome to Cornerstone Christian Academy

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Quality Christian Education

It is the mission of Cornerstone Christian Academy to help each student become as much like Jesus Christ as possible.  This means that each student will be trained spiritually, academically, and physically in an excellent manner.  It is also the mission of CCA to create Christian leaders who will help carry out the “Great Commission” (Matthew 23:18-20).

Children from Pre-K through 12th grade receive a superior education from qualified, spiritually minded Christian teachers and administrators at CCA.  A distinctively Christian philosophy of knowledge and learning combines with serious academics and home reinforcement to produce young people that are responsible and full of Godly character.  Proven learning techniques are combined with traditional values and content.  Comfortable Learning Centers provide an atmosphere for maximum learning and   students excel with individualized levels of learning.  CCA is designed to allow each student to work at his own level of achievement, which may vary from subject to subject.

Cornerstone Christian Academy is one of the ministries of Full Gospel Temple Church and is an extension of the Christian home.  Our purpose is to train young people in a Christian environment, emphasize matters of eternal value, educate and train the whole student physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.  The school staff is dedicated to partnering closely with parents in the training and development of the whole child.

Established 2013

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